We believe that global standards in Performing Arts training should be challenged in Malta. This is what we're here to do. To create and deliver ambitious, innovative training in the Performing Arts whilst having a massive amount of fun along the way! Meet a team of British trained advisors who are onboard with coaching as well as visiting Masterclasses keeping us updated on the ever-changing trends of the performing arts world.

Our MT Program is 3 1/2 hours of training per week in the Performing Arts disciplines for ages 12+. 

Drama, Dance & Singing is taught by experienced & passionate coaches.
Our class structure is ever-changing and constantly reviewed so students benefit from the very best training we can offer.

Small classes are guaranteed so each student can be guided and coached to reach their individual goals.  and believe us when we say our faculty will know your name!

At Brit we are extremely passionate about our training structure and encourage all our students to gain the max out of their time with us, we are definitely not a "babysitting" Academy! Students will be challenged weekly in-class keeping them excited and engaged whilst gaining results in all 3 disciplines of Dance, Drama and Singing.


Brit is the only Academy in Malta to offer a graded syllabus in Contemporary. The syllabus relates to the work of three pioneering choreographers of our time, Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham and Jose Limon. It employs contact work between dancers, release technique, fall and recovery, floor work and improvisation, creative freedom and provides an excellent basic knowledge for pupils, that can take them confidently as dancers to a degree level standard, or support their understanding of choreography required in today's dance workplace.  

We don't believe in putting our students into boxes in relation to their dance training, Dancers need to be trained in all disciplines so that each genre and style benefits and is able to grow to the next.  Our Dance Studies program explores a varied training scheme so that this can be achieved.  The basis of our Dance Studies is JAZZCONTEMP - A fusion of Jazz Dance and Contemporary Dance. 

Students are stranded according to not only in age but also in their ability for all coaching with us.  Brit Students are able to join a more challenging class for their age if we think their training will benefit from this.
We have grades 1- Intermediate in our exam sessions for students 7yrs plus.

Contemporary exams are accredited by the Council for Dance Education and Training and are recognised on the MQF. The syllabus covers the work of GrahamCunningham and Limon, the 3 pioneers in the genre. Through Contemporary studies, students will gain choreographic skills both in solo and group work.

Our Dance Studies Students are Gold Trophy Winners, MIF (Malta)  2017-2018 

Brit Director Choreography has won Gold Trophy 3 years consecutively, MIF (Malta) 

As part of our Dance Studies Program students can also audition for our 'Brit Elite' Team, opening up opportunities such as performances in the UK.  2020 sees Brit Students return to Can you Dance? Super Convention in Liverpool. 

All our training is online

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